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  1. Join Latvian National Opera Foundation - support the creation of outstanding art events!

    All of your donations - small and large - are important for the artistic growth of the opera and ballet. You will play a crucial role in creating extraordinary performances, outstanding craftsmanship and inspiring learning and participation projects. 

    Financial donations of any size help to provide our orchestra with new musical instruments, support new productions, improve working environment, give masterclasses for opera soloists, contribute to our ballet dancers’ participation in international competitions and different large-scale projects.

    The members of the Guild are honoured in LNOB printed media and Foundation’s homepage; as a gratitude for the support, the Guid’s members are invited to various events dedicated to knowing opera and ballet in close-up, for example, meetings with our artists, different lectures and Conversations before the Premiere. The Guild’s members are the first to know opera news and to get tickets to our special events.



    YOUNG FRIENDS (under 30)

    EUR 50 a year


    EUR 50 - EUR 200 a year


    EUR 200 - EUR 1000 a year


    EUR 1000 - EUR 5000 a year


    EUR 5000 a year

    Latvijas Nacionālās operas fonds

    Reg.Nr.40008029080, AS “Swedbank”, account: LV64HABA000140J033884



    Monta Tīģere

    Executive director

    Phone: (+371) 2 651 4820

    E-mail: monta.tigere@opera.lvlnof@apollo.lv